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The Johnson type FD68 burner sets higher standards in heating and industrial steam boiler markets throughout the world. Because of its unique design, the FD68 burner is widely used for new boilers, boiler retrofits, and applications involving high furnace pressure, high altitude, and 50 Hz current. Available in 14 sizes, the FD68 covers a broad range of applications and fuel types including gas, No. 2 to 6 oils, bunker C, and alternative fuels. Combination gas and oil burners change from one fuel to the other with the turn of a switch.

All packaged systems include a gas-electric ignition system, fuel safety valves and interlocks, control panel, and refractory burner tile. Oil systems include a remote mounted oil pump, basket strainer. Air atomizing systems include an air compressor set. Gas systems include a gas control valve and gas train components. Every burner is wired and tested prior to shipment.